Release Name: 3.4.2


See the updated manuals (specially the remarks labelled with 0.13.0) at:



Changes since 0.12.0 (FI-WARE 3.4.1):

- Add: Rush can now be used as relayer for the broker, using the option '-rush' (issue #251)
- Add: Custom metadata support (issue #252)
- Add: Multi-service/tenant support, using the option -multiservice (issue #322)
- Add: Generic URI parameters supported (issue #372)
- Add: Notification mime-type selected in URI parameter 'notifyFormat' (supported values: "XML" and "JSON") (issue #372)
- Fix: Raising error on updateContext with location metadata doesn't involve actual change of location attribute (issue #351)
- Fix: The functionality to change the Log configuration via REST had stopped working. Fixed.
- FIX: The Log configuration via REST used "/log/traceLevel", whereas the documentation states "/log/trace".
       Updated the broker to support both "/log/trace" and "/log/traceLevel"
- Fix: Changed the XML tags AttributeAssociationList and AttributeAssociation to start with lowercase 'a'. (issue #378)
- Fix: Concatenation of strings now done by the compiler (in numerous places). (issue #384)
- Fix: Passing all complex parameters by reference or pointer (issues #263 and #354)
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