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D.13.2.1 FIWARE OpenSpecifications R4 Data front page - FIWARE Forge Wiki

D.13.2.1 FIWARE OpenSpecifications R4 Data front page

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Private Public Partnership Project (PPP)
Large-scale Integrated Project (IP)


D.13.2.1: FIWARE GE Open Specifications (Data Chapter)

Project acronym: FI-Core
Project full title: Future Internet Core
Contract No.: 632893
Strategic Objective: FI.ICT-2011.1.7 Technology foundation: Future Internet Core Platform
Project Document Number: ICT-2013-FI-632893-13-D.13.2.1
Project Document Date: 2015.11.02
Deliverable Type and Security: Public
Author: Santiago Martínez (TID)
Contributors: Tali Haham (IBM), Jo Barratt (OKF), Javier López (Naevatec), Fermín Galán (TID), Francisco Romero (TID), Javier García (ATOS), Fabio Mondin (TI), Claudio Venezia (TI), Fabrizio Verroca (TI)

Executive Summary

This document describes the Generic Enablers in the Data/Media and Context Management chapter, their basic functionality and their interactions. These Generic Enablers form the core business framework of the FIWARE platform by supporting the business functionality for commercializing services.

The functionality of the framework is illustrated with several abstract use case diagrams, which show how the individual GE can be used to construct a domain-specific application environment and system architecture.

Each GE Open Specification is first described at a generic level, elaborating on the functional and non-functional properties. Then it is supplemented by a number of specifications according to the interface protocols, API and data formats that are delivered in separate individual documents, one per GE.

This document has the available Open Specifications that have been created in FIWARE as a result of the work in Release 4 of the platform.

There is a major shift in the approach of the Open Specifications in FIWARE. Whereas in the initial Releases (from Release 1 to Release 3) the Open Specification APIs were published on the wiki, from Release 4 onwards the information will be created and published in a more modern and manageable format using auxiliary tools such as apiary and github.

This document is accompanied by a set of annexes contained in separate documents, each one providing the detailed Open Specification API of each GE.

About This Document

FIWARE GE Open Specifications describe the open specifications linked to Generic Enablers GEs of the FIWARE platform (and their corresponding components) being developed in one particular chapter.

GE Open Specifications contain relevant information for users of FIWARE to consume related GE implementations and/or to build compliant products, which can work as alternative implementations of GEs developed in FIWARE. The later may even replace a GE implementation developed in FIWARE within a particular FIWARE instance. GE Open Specifications typically include, but not necessarily are limited to, information such as:

  • Description of the scope, behaviour and intended use of the GE
  • Terminology, definitions and abbreviations to clarify the meanings of the specification
  • Legal information with the terms of use
  • The Architecture document is generally included as is for the sake of completeness
  • Description of protocols that support interoperability with other GE or third party products
  • Description of non-functional features

Intended Audience

The document targets interested parties in architecture and API design, implementation and usage of FIWARE Generic Enablers from the FIWARE platform.

Structure of this Document

The document is generated out of a set of documents provided in the public FIWARE wiki. For the current version of the documents, please visit the public wiki at http://wiki.fiware.org/

The following resources were used to generate this document:


The present document has been created from the wiki using automated tools and part of the links may not work. You may occasionally find oddities in the text format that side effects of the process but they do not deter the quality of the technical contents.

Keyword list

FIWARE, FI-Core, Acceleration Programme, Accelerators, PPP, Architecture Board, Steering Board, Roadmap, Reference Architecture, Generic Enabler, Open Specifications, I2ND, Cloud, IoT, Data/Media and Context Management, Applications/Services and Data Delivery, Delivery Framework , Security, Advanced Middleware, Interfaces to Networks and Robotics, Communities, Tools , Sustainability Support Tools, ICT, es.Internet, Apiary, Github, Latin American Platform.

Changes History

Release Major changes description Date Editor
v1 Initial version of the deliverable 2015-11-02 Santiago Martínez (TID)

Table of Contents

FIWARE WIKI editorial remark:
In the final deliverable, somebody would include the TOC here

Quick Reference Table

This table contains a summary of the basic links to the detailed API on our public resources

  • Open Specification: link to the Open Specification as included in http://wiki.fiware.org/Summary of FIWARE Open Specifications (in principle, it is the same one as in the "Structure of this Document" section.
  • API definition source: link to the API Blueprint markdown (apib file) in GitHub. If the GE does not have a REST interface, link to alternative source if applicable.
  • API Specification Document(HTML version): link to the rendered definition and published as HTML in GitHub(output of the internal automated tool FABRE or alternatively Apiary output)
  • Apiary project(optional): link to the API site in apiary.io
Publish/Subscribe Context Broker Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.ContextBroker
API definition source
(or alternative source)
API Specification Document(HTML version) http://telefonicaid.github.io/fiware-orion/api/v1/
Apiary project N/A
Big Data Analysis Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.BigData
API definition source http://hadoop.apache.org/docs/current/hadoop-project-dist/hadoop-hdfs/WebHDFS.html
API Specification Document(HTML version) N/A, since no proprietary APIs have been created and third-party ones have been reused (see above)
Apiary project N/A, since no proprietary APIs have been created and third-party ones have been reused (see above)
Complex Event Processing Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.CEP
API definition source https://github.com/ishkin/Proton/blob/master/documentation/apiary/CEP-apiary-blueprint.apib
API Specification Document(HTML version) http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/ishkin/Proton/blob/master/documentation/apiary/CEP-apiary-blueprint.html
Apiary project N/A
Stream-oriented Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/StreamOriented_Open_API_Specification
API definition source https://github.com/Kurento/doc-kurento/blob/master/apib/stream_oriented_open_api.apib
API Specification Document(HTML version) http://kurento.github.io/doc-kurento/
Apiary project http://docs.streamoriented.apiary.io/
Cloud Messaging Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.CloudMessaging
API definition source https://github.com/atos-ari-aeon/fiware-cloud-messaging-platform/blob/gh-pages/aeon_api.apib
API Specification Document(HTML version) http://atos-ari-aeon.github.io/fiware-cloud-messaging-platform/
Apiary project http://docs.aeon.apiary.io/#
Short-term Historic Open Data Repository Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.CKAN
API definition source https://github.com/okfn/ckan-apiary-docs/blob/gh-pages/ckan.apib
API Specification Document(HTML version) https://github.com/okfn/ckan-apiary-docs/blob/gh-pages/ckan.html
Apiary project http://docs.ckan.apiary.io/#
Social Data Aggregator Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.SocialDataAggregator
API definition source https://github.com/FiwareTIConsoft/sda_demo_app/blob/master/doc/sda-fiware-open-spec2.apib
API Specification Document(HTML version) http://fiwareticonsoft.github.io/sda_demo_app/
Apiary project http://docs.sda3.apiary.io

Social Semantic Enricher Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.SocialSemanticEnricher
API definition source https://github.com/FiwareTIConsoft/SSECore/blob/master/doc/fiwaresse.apib
API Specification Document(HTML version) http://fiwareticonsoft.github.io/SSECore/
Apiary project http://docs.fiwaresse.apiary.io/#reference/default/sse-api-root
Metadata Store Management Platform Open Specification http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Data.MetadataStoreManagementPlatform
API definition source https://github.com/FiwareTIConsoft/fiware-metaware/blob/master/docs/open_specs/open_specs_api.apib
API Specification Document(HTML version) http://fiwareticonsoft.github.io/fiware-metaware/
Apiary project http://docs.metaware.apiary.io/#
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