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Name EnviromentalAR Chapter Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework
Goal Provide Augmented Reality Framework which can deal with data types and presentation needs of environmental UA
Description I as a service/data provider need to present observations and interpolated observations in time and space within Augmented Reality viewer.
Rationale Augmented Reality is turning into one of the key visualization technologies for mobile devices. State of the Art frameworks allow easy visualization of Points of Interest. In Environmental UA, we need to visualize some variables with spatial variation. For example:
  • variation of soil type/moisture (interesting in agriculture)
  • radioactivity level (interesting in crisis management)
  • expected level of water in flood (interesting in crisis management/preparation)
  • Concentration on dangerous substances in the air (information for citizens)

State of the art AR browsers such as wikitude or layar can not visualize such data today. In addition, we also need temporal component, e.g. in order to visualize the "water level during the flood of 1959" (date invented).

 Request for FI-Ware
 This type of enabler should be provided by FI-Ware
 Server + client-side library for AR apps.	
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