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Name AcceptLicence Chapter Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework
Goal Assure the service user accepts the usage conditions before being able to use the service.
Description I as a service/data provider want to assure the user explicitly agrees with specific conditions before allowing him/her to proceed with service use. This should also work with service chaining.
Rationale Much of the data and services in Environmental Usage Area are be provided free of charge. However, some of the data and services may e.g. be only free for private or non-commercial use. In other cases, the providers may need to clarify the limitations on legal responsibilities ("we aren't responsible if our free forecast ruins your weekend").

Typically, the user has to explicitly acknowledge the conditions of use for such services before being allowed to proceed.

However, the simple solutions relying on human readable click-through licenses may not work for more complex setups with service chaining. It would be therefore interesting to know if and how the FI-Ware marketplace will handle the issue of service-chaining with services requiring the acceptance of licensing conditions.

While this type of functionality does not directly relate to ENVIROFI R&D, it would be beneficial for the Environmental UA to assure the environmental enablers rely on same (or at least compatible) mechanisms.

See also ENVIROFI UC: Observation access requiring license approval

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