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Name DataAndServicePayment Chapter Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework
Goal Assure the service and data providers can request and receive payments for (premium) environmental data and services
Description I as a service/data provider want to offer commercial services for paying customers. The payment and revenue sharing mechanisms should be standardized, versatile, transparent, secure and easy to use for both me and my customers
Rationale Much of the data and services in Environmental Usage Area are be provided free of charge. However, there are always "premium" offers for paying customers, e.g. for high-availability services, special modeling/data fusion or for observations not considered to be "public data".

In all of these cases, it is in the business interest of data/service providers to make their offers easily discoverable and to assure the users can easily pay for the services. Moreover, in many cases the payment by end-users needs to be shared among several data/service providers.

While this type of functionality does not directly relate to ENVIROFI R&D, it is required in commercialization phase. It would be therefore beneficial for the Environmental UA to assure the environmental enablers are compatible with Services_Ecosystem_and_Delivery_Framework#Marketplace.

 Request to FI-Ware
 * mainly to provide clear guidelines for marketplace-aware design of environmental enablers; 
 * we may also need some technical support (tbd).
 See also ENVIROFI UC: 
 * Access observation data or service that requires payment	
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