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FI-WARE Product Vision

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is deprecated. We recommend that you visit the description of the FI-WARE Architecture


The FI-WARE Product Vision provides a high-level description of the FI-WARE Platform. FI-WARE aims to provide a framework for development of smart applications in the Future Internet.

FI-WARE is being developed as part of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) program launched by the European Commission in collaboration with the ICT Industry. However, it has a global ambition. More information about the FI-PPP program can be found at:

More information about FI-WARE can be found at:

FI-WARE Chapters

You should start reading the Overall FI-WARE Vision. It will give you an overview of some basic concepts and principles that are general to FI-WARE (Generic Enablers, FI-WARE Instances, etc).

The Reference Architecture of the FI-WARE platform is structured along a number of technical chapters, namely:

You can get a description of each of these chapters by clicking on the chapter name in the list above. Each chapter description is structured so that a general overview of the chapter is provided first, where main Generic Enablers in the chapter are identified and briefly described. Afterwards, a more detailed description of each of these Generic Enablers is provided. A precise list of terms and definition is provided for each chapter that can work as basic vocabulary that will help to establish the basis for fruitful discussions around FI-WARE. A list of references is also provided that could be helpful to complement what has been described. Finally, a description of points still under discussion is included. It will transparently present some topics that are currently being targeted as part of ongoing discussions within the project.

The FI-WARE project will draw upon the wealth of results already achieved through earlier Research projects, not only within the EU FP but also at national- or corporate-funded levels, aiming to leverage them further through a systematic integration with a complete system perspective. A description of what are the products (assets) that will be considered as baseline for the development of a first reference implementation of each Generic Enablers in FI-WARE can be found in Materializing the FI-WARE Vision. They will evolve and will be integrated together following an Agile development process you can monitor following the definition and evolution of backlog entries associated to the chapter and/or each of the Generic Enablers. A description of projects whose results may be be considered for further integration is provided in those cases where implementation of the Generic Enabler is not planned for the current FI-WARE major release.

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