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Name Service Provisioning Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal As an edgelet developer, I want to be able to use a provisioning API in order to deploy and update my edgelet (and required resources) to the Cloud Edge platform and have it updated in all relevant distributed nodes.
Description Platform provisioning ensures that:
  • a newly provisioned edgelet is stored in the master node's catalogue and available for end user installation
  • new versions of edgelets are automatically updated to all nodes
  • other resources and services (e.g. databases) required by edgelet are deployed to the set of nodes, placement being defined by metadata: localization, required quality of service (latency, bandwidth, ...), hardware capabilities...
Rationale The platform provisioning is necessary before deploying edgelets on the different nodes of the infrastructure. Taking into account the different placement policies is useful for deploying edgelets efficiently, as well as following SLAs
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