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Name Message Queuing Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal The distributed and heterogeneous computing resources need to communicate each other in a non-blocking and adaptative way with respect to the network layer.
Description Being computing resources of our interest distributed, the communication between all of them and the Job Scheduler GE back-end components should take place in a non-blocking way and through several protocols that implement peer-to-peer or client-server architecture to overcome the network limitations. Moreover, the communication should relies on a middleware layer, whose role is to fill the gap existing between all the heterogeneous computing systems, where nodes could be available.
Rationale Message Queuing System is a middleware where each component (a ProActive Active Object in our case) has a dedicated mailbox to receive and consume messages in an asynchronous way and can speak several protocols. According to the architecture (peer-to-peer/client-server) of the protocols, the communication might be direct (each components knows the address of the others), so distributed, or logically centralized (all messages will pass through an entity that will dispatch to the right destination, as a software router). The last case is particularly suitable for communication across internet.
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