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Name Monitoring Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal Users will be able to view metrics related to the operation of the object storage service.
Description A monitoring system is required for the extraction, distribution, storage, analysis and visualisation of metrics related to the object storage system. This is a common requirement throughout tasks and chapters, however what is specific to object storage are the domain-specific metrics to be extracted from the system. This monitoring capability should comprehend both internal behaviour by the system itself and also the behaviour of each customer using the service. This epic should focus on exposing the relevant metrics and distributing them using the Cloud Hosting monitoring system. Baseline assets such as OpenStack Swift, collectd and graphite can be used to realise this.
Rationale Monitoring is required in order to enable management of the system, to understand trends and behaviours of the system and the users' usage of it. It will inform other services (either within the provider or the client domain) to enable automated actions (e.g. scale up, scale down, raise ticket to support engineer). Without monitoring the cloud provider has no insight into the service it is providing. Without monitoring it is infeasible to offer guarantees on service performance, offered features etc. Monitoring is key to powering other services such as the business critical one of billing.
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