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Name Versioning Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal Users will be able to have the ability to revert back to a previous backup of one or a set of objects already stored by the service.
Description The object storage system should track changes to objects over time and allow users arbitrarily revert easily back to a previous version of that object. Firstly, this versioning feature should be activated/deactivated based on the preference of the provider as it entails additional storage requirements. Secondly, the user should optionally be allowed to turn versioning on and off a particular object or set of objects (so long as the provider offers versioning) as versioning may entail an additional expense to the client. Baseline assets such as OpenStack Swift can be used to realise this.
Rationale It is not unknown that unintended changes to data can result in loss of important information. Enabling versioning will allow users to have another degree of reliability in the object storage service knowing that if an undesired update to an object is performed, that update can easily be reverted.
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