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Name Lifecycle Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal As a Cloud User, I want my application to be upgraded (either the products or the application components) with the minimum outage time. This operation includes backup, roll back and the posibility to switch to a replica of the service during the outage.
Description The PaaS Manager, beyond supporting the basic functionality of deploying and retiring applications, has to support other lifecycle operations. The most important one is upgrading of application components and products (whole environments, including the IaaS resources), taking into account required backups to allow the roll back if the operation fails. It could be also supported the usage of a alternate installation to avoid system discontinuity during the upgrade, to shift again to the main installation and to move data among deployments consistently.
Rationale The complete management of applications include the support of several common operations from the point of view of the operations. Backup and upgrades are the most basic ones.
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