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Name Placement Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal As the IaaS cloud administrator, I would like to have an automated mechanism to decide on the placement of virtual machines onto physical hosts.
Description Cloud infrastructure typically spans over very large number of physical machines. Due to the dynamic nature of the workloads in the cloud, it is often required to decide where certain VM must be hosted. Due to the cost requirements of a typical cloud infrastructure, it is expected that such placement decisions will be fully automated. For example, when a new deployment request arrives, it is expected that it will be processed immediately, without human intervention. Such a placement mechanism may take into consideration many different criteria, such as resource allocation constraints, security constraints, availability constraints, etc. As part of this Epic, we will customize the System Pools mechanism to fit the needs of this GE.
Rationale Placement of VMs on hosts should be automated and configurable through constraints for calculating complex requirements efficiently and in time
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