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Name Network Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal As a client, I wish to be able to configure access to my provisioned virtual network and also enable or disable certain features/services of that network.
Description In order to secure all connected resource service instances connected to a virtual network a firewall at the point of entry to the network should be setup with conservative and restrictive policies unless overridden by the client. Facilities to offer other network-related services (e.g. IDS) should be provided. Baseline assets such as OpenStack Nova and Quantum can be used to realise this.
Rationale As soon as a compute or storage resource becomes accessible to wide area networks (e.g. the Internet) they are then vulnerable to remote malicious hosts. Placing a firewall on the point of entry to the tenants resource service instances will mitigate against this. Other network-related services should be provided or at least a mechanism to do so so that 3rd integration of such services (e.g. IDS) can take place.
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