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Name API.CDR-Generation Chapter All
Goal Basic Restful API CDR (Call Data Records) should be generated
Description Basic API CDRs (Call Data Records) should be generated as basis for API usage Accounting and Security Monitoring. It should be feasible to generate API CDRs not only for Restful APIs exported by FI-WARE GEs but Restful APIs exported by any FI-WARE based application. CDRs should be generated per invocation of each Restful operation in registered APIs. They should be generated at the time a request is received and a response or request rejection is generated. CDRs should at least contain information about the user the API operation was invoked on behalf of, identifier of the API operation, timestamp of the request/response/rejection and other relevant info for Accounting and Security Monitoring purposes. Generation of API CDRs should be transparent to the implementation of the API, i.e., be handled through external API interceptors/probes.
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