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FIWARE.Epic.Global.Interoperability-IoT.Gateway.ProtocolAdapter-Security.Monitoring.Fuzzer - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name Interoperability between IoT's Protocol Adapter GE and Security's IoT Fuzzer GE Chapter All
Goal It should be possible to use the Fuzzer in Use Cases that implement the Protocol Adapter GE
Description Currently, the IoT Fuzzer GE supports the 6LoWPAN protocol, whereas the Protocol Adapter GE Open Specificationstates: "The supported interface for the first release is IETF CoRE. For the next release will be added the ZigBee interface". For the benefit of developers and users, we should find some common ground, to allow them to use both GEs in conjuction: is the IETF CoRE interface offered for first release based on 6LowPAN (also an IETF standard)? Or would the Fuzzer have to be extended to support ZigBee?
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