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Name ScalableMulti-tenantSupport Chapter All
Goal Tenants should be able to create dedicated instances of a FI-WARE GEs which can scale on demand
Description FI-WARE GE instances can be deployed globally, designed to be shared by any tenant. However, tenants (or group of sharing tenants) should be able to create their own dedicated instance of a FI-WARE GE. The FI-WARE GE implementation should deal with allocation of the necessary computational/storage/network resources required to serve each tenant (or group of sharing tenants), automatically scaling allocated resources on demand. Creation of FI-WARE GE instances may take place using tools provided through the Cloud portal or through common management APIs that, in turn, rely on FI-WARE Cloud APIs. In both cases, each FI-WARE GE implementation should provide the necessary means to be managed (e.g., recipes enabling automatic provisioning of resources linked to an instance by the SDC GEi)
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