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Name Analysis of causes for long service response times Chapter Tools
Goal FI Application developers should be able to easily observe important characteristics such as response times.
Description Precondition: The FI Application on the specified environment was monitored to collect service responsiveness data (service name, request time, response parameters, optional: request parameters, response status) as well as additional system or application data (queue states, synchronization data, IO activity, etc.)
  1. The Trace Analyzer parses the monitoring data.
  2. The Trace Analyzer aggregates and associates related events (e.g., corresponding request and response events)
  3. The Trace Analyzer presents the user with charts combining request duration data (optionally filtered by the type of request and its parameters) together with the additional monitoring data (visualization depending on the type of additional data; for example: threads in blocking states, cpus and their activity breakdown, etc.)
  4. The user turns on the options to highlight the time intervals where the service times were beyond the user-defined threshold.
  5. The user consults the Performance Anti-Patterns view identifying possible issues within the collected data (e.g., hot locks, blocking IO within locks, etc.)
  6. The user identifies whether the metrics collected are related to the cause of the unsatisfactory response times.

Postcondition: The monitoring data available for the target run is presented for the user analysis.

Further details: TA in FI-WARE

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