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Name View and Analyze Quality of Service Chapter Tools
Goal Retrieving, visualizing and analyzing collected QoS data of the services in a Composite Service.
Description Precondition: The Service Composition of interest is currently online-tested. QoS data are already available.
  1. The user opens the PROSA console
  2. The user selects a Service Composition
  3. The user views the historical QoS data (e.g., response times) of a specific service that is called inside the service composition
  4. The user closes the PROSA management console

Alternative scenario:

  1. An application connects to the PROSA platform
  2. The application requests the QoS (e.g., response time) of a particular service in a specified Service Composition of the last X invocations / the last X hours
  3. The PROSA platform provides the requested data
  4. The application disconnects from the PROSA platform
Rationale Users should be able to view historical QoS data of a given service in a Service Composition to detect possible performance problems. Applications should be able to access those information too, so that they can perform analysis on the collected data.
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