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Name Apply Data Processing to Experiment Results Chapter Tools
Goal The developer should be able to apply available data processing strategies to existing experiment results, while browsing the results, and produce new post-process results which can be further viewed/analyzed in the visualizer.
Description Precondition: SoPeCo core be available, in addition to least one data processing strategy and one experiment result data set.
  1. The analyst browses the experiment results.
  2. On a particular data set (the result of one experiment series run), she can choose the action of applying data processing.
  3. She chooses one data processing extension from the list of available extensions.
  4. She configures the data processing strategy and applies it to the data set.
  5. As a result she gets a new data set with processed results.

Postcondition: The new data set is available for further analysis or visualization.

Further details:

Rationale Smooth application of data processing extensions to the gathered results requires support by the GUI of SoPeCo (in this case the visualizer).
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