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Name Apply SoPeCo to Repository GE Chapter Tools
Goal The goal is to use SoPeCo to do performance measurements for the Repository GE done in WP3
Description Precondition: a) The SoPeCo framework and the performance questions of the target project are available.
  • SoPeCo can be applied in performance analysis of the target project.

Postcondition: a) Performance analysis of the target application is achieved; b) New requirements and list of additional features are gathered for SoPeCo; c) Insights and potential optimization opportunities for the Repository GE have been identified.

Further details:

Rationale For demonstrating the value of SoPeCo, it is important to apply SoPeCo to a FI-WARE GE. This will help the GE with regards to qualifying its performance and quality. In addition it allow us to evaluate SoPeCo and its features and gather future requirements for the framework.
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