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Name Browse Catalogue Chapter Tools
Goal The Catalogue can be browsed to search for assets of interest to a user.
Description The Catalogue has multiple published assets in its database. A user can browse the catalogue to find assets he is interested in based on keywords, search terms or filtering. The Catalogue contains descriptions of all the Generic Enablers, along with references to the FI-WARE instances the specific GE has been implemented.
  • The user logs in to the Catalogue
  • The user clicks on the "GE" tab at the top of the Catalogue main view
  • The full list of generic enablers is presented to the user, split into multiple pages as required when the number of enablers is higher than a configured limit. The listing contains the title of the GE, a small logo and a (very) short description of the GE.
    • The user can click on tags/categories/labels presented next to the listing to filter it based on his preferences
    • The user can enter search terms in the search box to find enablers that match a search term
  • The user clicks on the GE that he wants to examine in more detail and is presented with the full description of the GE
    • Description includes overview, implementations, documentation on separate tabs
  • The user clicks on the implementations tab and selects a FI-WARE instance that has implemented the GE
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