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Name Extend SoPeCo with New Data Processing Strategy Chapter Tools
Goal The developer should be able to extend SoPeCo with a new data processing strategy that can be used in the visualization phase to filter out data or produce post-process data sets based on the original results.
Description Precondition: SoPeCo core be available.
  1. The developer follows the documentation for developing a new data processing strategy extension.
  2. She implements the new strategy.
  3. She puts the compiled file in the SoPeCo plugins folder.

Postcondition: The new data processing strategy code is available at runtime.

Further details:

Rationale SoPeCo offers a generic framework for systematic performance testing of software components. When the data is gathered, it is of high value if custom data processing can be performed on the gathered data before they are exported to third-party data processing tools. Such processing would normally be specific to the application context, for example parsing a String values returned as the result of running the experiments.
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