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Name NGSI10 Test Server Chapter Tools
Goal Developers of clients to the IoT Generic Enablers should be able to detect issues in the FI-WARE NGSI10 protocol and binding in their code.
Description IoT Generic Enablers make use of the FI-WARE NGSI10 RESTful binding, such as the IoT Broker Generic Enabler and the Configuration Manager GE. The FI-WARE NGSI binding is FI-WAREs own binding of the OMA standard known as Next Generation Service Interface Context Enabler (NGSI 9 / NGSI 10). The standard specifies the entities and generic datatypes, but does not specify any transport technology. The FI-WARE NGSI binding then specifies how the NGSI standard is used in FI-WARE: based on RESTful principles and using HTTP and XML as transport technologies. The FI-WARE NGSI10 TestServer allows to test your FI-WARE client applications and to track down specific protocol- and vinding-related bugs.
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