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Name Functional testing framework for Web Services Chapter Tools
Goal Support developer to implement a test suite for web services under development or provided by third parties.
Description This is a framework built from a composition of third party libraries and a software architecture that provides a staring point for who wants to put in place an automatic testing phase. The kind of test mainly addressed by this solution is the functional one, but thanks to the nature of the selected libraries it turns easy to integrate also other kind of tests (e.g. unit tests). In line with the indication from FI-WARE to have the GE APIs exposed in RESTful, this is the kind of web service that is first considered by the testing framework. Some additional characteristics of this framework are that it support by design the separation between test logic and test data; it's integrated into the Eclipse IDE; can be driven by a continuous integration system.
Rationale The developers that are going to build web services (RESTfull) can be supported by this framework to set up an automatic test suite for functional tests.
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