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FIWARE.Feature.MiWi.2D-3DCapture.BackEnd.Mobile.TagImage - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name FIWARE.Feature.MiWi.2D-3DCapture.BackEnd.Mobile.2D-3D-TagMobileImageWithAdvancedGeoTag Chapter MiWi
Goal Embedd 3D information known as meta data with in the image in a well known format
Description This feature is similar to geo tagging but instead of using geographical location all the 3D related information are make available with in the image it self. Once the orientation information is clarified implementing a exif like data format using json to embed them in the image. In this 2D-3D capture GE loss-less image compression is preferred over other image formats such as JPEG. Further PNG headers are easily extended using commonly available technologies. This image tag with information store metadata to create an "AdvancedGeoTag". Contemporary technologies does not allow this to be done in web contexts so this feature will be simulated in the back end on mobile client demand.
Rationale Use of a advanced geo tag is to avoid having to store image data seperately in data repositories. it facilitates using crowd soruced images to be used in recreational projects with out having to use proffesional photo graphers recording contextula information.
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