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FIWARE.Feature.MiWi.2D-3DCapture.BackEnd.StoreImageAndMetaData - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name FIWARE.Feature.MiWi.2D-3DCapture.BackEnd.Mobile.StoreImageAndMetaData Chapter MiWi
Goal Store images taken from a browser video element transfer them to back end server along with relevent 3D information(Tagging content)
Description This feature is similar to geo tagging but instead of using just the geographical location all the 3D related information are make available with in the image it self. Instead of embedd them in images using a data bass when ever possible, makes it easier for the sorting and filtering processes so that requests can be responded faster.
Rationale This usefull information can be used in any given time as long they can be accessed along with the Image.
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