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Name FIWARE.Feature.MiWi.2D-3DCapture.Browser.2D-3D-SupportingSensorInterfacesByMobileDevice Chapter MiWi
Goal Goal of this feature is to let Application to identofy the sensor API's a device provide access to.
Description A developer will be able to check the availability of access to sensor API's described by W3C specifications. A developer is able to test the availability by individual sensor name(eg : isGPSSupported ect..) of will be able to obtain a list of sensors supported.
Rationale Due to lack of unifying standard format (current W3C standards not addopted by major browsers, such as chrome, firefox and safari in their public API's) as well as devices variety of avaialble sensors, browsers present large variation of supported interfaces. This should enable a developer to avoid run time issues.
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