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Name UIActionAbstraction Chapter MiWi
Goal Abstract UI input events UI action abstraction for all UI input devices implemented.
Description Implement UI action abstraction for 2D-UI GE InputAPI. Provide ability to register higher level actions/events which are combined of generic input events provided by the InputAPI. For example pressing 'j' and 'mouse left' can be abstracted as 'jump'.

Also provide conditions within the actions must happen such as time slot and multiplier. For example pressing 'mouse left' within '1 second' '2 times' can be abstracted as 'select object'. Enable adding/removing input abstractions runtime.

Rationale Besides basic input events 3D applications or 2D games usually need key or mouse combinations to abstract the behaviour of character or object which is used to control the game/application. For example pressing 'w' and 'mouse left' together means 'jump'.
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