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Name MovementInterpolation Chapter MiWi
Goal Animate the position changes to moving objects between network messages
Description The 3D-UI view is typically updated with the target framerate of 60fps. Network synchronization, in the Synchronization GE (Tundra server) is by default configured to 20 updates per second, and lag in the network may result in even lower update frequency on the client. Also, once we start utilising interest management on the server to prioritise the messaging, updates for some objects (e.g. far from view) may be even more rare (even 1/sec or so).

Therefore it is important to animate the movements in the 3d view for a smooth solid feeling user experience. This is first implemented with simple linear interpolation of the 3d position, rotation and scale changes. The functionality pre-exists in the native Tundra client so this work is basically porting that to the Web client.

Later we can add also optimised RigidBody movement messages with also extrapolation, possibly combined with client side physics. Also this is already implemented in the C++ version but not for the Web clients yet.

Rationale Animating the movements in the 3d view should be done with the speed of the graphics updates and not with the typically slower network update rate.
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