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FIWARE.Feature.MiWi.3D-UI-XML3D.DataflowProcessing.XFlowArchitecturalEnhancements.SinglePlatformDataflow - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name FIWARE 3D-UI-XML3D:DataflowProcessing.XFlowArchitecturalEnhancements.SinglePlatformDataflow Chapter MiWi
Goal To provide some freedom to web developer when using xflow nodes.
Description Support for single platform XFlow node chain. I.e. a web developer can specify if the whole chain should be HW accelerated. If WebCL versions of all the nodes in the chain are all available, they are utilised. But, if one or more nodes do not have WebCL versions available or the WebCL platform is not available, the whole chain will utilise only the JS version of the nodes.
Rationale This is core feature of DataflowProcessing GE. This will bring a lot of freedom to developer and therefore more robustness. There is still a automation if the developer chooses platform which is not working.
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