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FIWARE.Feature.MiWi.Middleware.IDL.RPCDDS.PerInterfaceTopicMapping - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name RPC over DDS IDL: Topic Mapping Per Interface Chapter MiWi
Goal Improve scalability and make RPC over DDS compatible to the upcoming OMG standard.
Description RPC over DDS IDL compiler generates code creating a pair Request/Reply DDS Topics per operation. If there are many operations this could lead to many topics, thus many DDS endpoints. To improve the scalability, the IDL compiler will allow to generate a pair of Request/Reply DDS Topics per interface. This has been discussed in the OMG and it will be included in the incoming RPC over DDS standard.
Rationale RPC over DDS should be more scalable, if there are many operations and it should be compatible to the latest OMG standard.
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