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  • FIWARE Generic Enabler (GE): A functional building block of FIWARE. Any implementation of a FIWARE GE is made up of a set of components which together supports a concrete set of Functions and provides a concrete set of APIs and interoperable interfaces that are in compliance with open specifications published for that GE.
  • FIWARE GE Open Specifications: GE Open Specifications will contain all the information required in order to build compliant products which can work as alternative implementations of GEs developed in FIWARE and therefore may replace a GE implementation developed in FIWARE within a particular FIWARE Instance. GE Open Specifications will typically include, but not necessarily will be limited to, information such as:
    • Description of the scope, exhibited behaviour and intended use of the GE
    • Terminology, definitions and abbreviations to clarify the meanings of the specification
    • Signature and behaviour of operations linked to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that the GE should export. Signature may be specified in a particular language binding or through a RESTful interface.
    • Description of protocols that support interoperability with other GE or third party products
    • Description of non-functional features
  • FIWARE Compliant Platform Product: A product which implements, totally or in part, a FIWARE GE or composition of FIWARE GEs (therefore, implements a number of FIWARE Services). Different FIWARE compliant Platform Products may exist implementing the same FIWARE GE or composition of FIWARE GEs. Actually, the open and royalty-free nature of FIWARE GE specifications allows the existence of alternative implementations of a FIWARE GE. FIWARE compliant Platform Products are made up of components. While implementations of Generic Enablers developed in compliance with FIWARE GE Open Specifications are replaceable, components linked to a particular FIWARE compliant Platform Product may not be replaceable.
  • FIWARE Generic Enabler implementation (GEi): A way to refer a FIWARE Compliant Product, or a component that is part of a FIWARE Compliant Product, implementing the Open Specifications of a given FIWARE GE.
  • FIWARE Instance: The result of the integration of a number of FIWARE compliant Platform Products and, typically, a number of complementary products. As such, it comprises a number of FIWARE GEs and supports a number of FIWARE Services. Provision of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Context/Data Management Services are examples of FIWARE Services a particular FIWARE Instance may support, implemented by means of combining a concrete set of Platform Products. While specifications of FIWARE GEs define FIWARE in functional terms, FIWARE Instances are built by means of integrating a concrete set of FIWARE compliant Platform Products.
  • FIWARE Instance Provider: A company that operates a FIWARE Instance. Note that FIWARE Instances may not consist only of the integration of FIWARE compliant Platform Products but their integration with other products which allow the FIWARE Instance Provider to gain differentiation on the market (e.g. integration with own Operating Support Systems to enhance FIWARE Instance operation or with other products supporting services that are complementary to those provided by FIWARE GEs) or to enable monetization of its operation (e.g., integration with own Billing or Advertising systems).
  • Future Internet Application: An application that is based on APIs defined as part of GE Open Specifications. A Future Internet Application should be portable across different FIWARE Instances that implement the GEs that Future Internet Application relies on, no matter if they are linked to different FIWARE Instance Providers.
  • FI-WARE Testbed: A concrete FI-WARE Instance operated by partners of the FI-WARE project that is offered to Use Case projects within the FI-PPP Program, enabling them to test their proof-of-concept prototypes. The FI-WARE Testbed is also offered to third parties to test their Future Internet Applications although support to them is provided on best-effort basis.
  • FI-WARE Instance in production: A FI-WARE Instance run by a FI-WARE Instance Provider in the context of a trial (e.g., trials in phase 2 of the European FI PPP initiative) or as part of its service offering to the market. FI-WARE Instances in production will typically have their own certification and developers community support environments. However, several FI-WARE Instance Providers may establish alliances to setup common certification or developers community support environments.
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