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Name SLA & Contracts Storage and Retrieval Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal As a user from the FI-WARE platform I want to be able to store SLAs and contracts and mechanisms to retrieve information from those SLAs and contracts.
Description Future Internet business applications executing over the FI-WARE plat-form will need a storage place for their SLAs and contracts and associ-ated retrieval information mechanisms. The retrieval mechanisms should allow the search for individual attributes of SLAs and contracts.
Rationale Currently, most SLAs and contract of non-ICT business tend to employ a paper-based approach for storing their SLAs and Contracts. However, Future Internet applications based on FI-WARE platform could make use of the electronic storage of SLA and contracts, which enables the run-time and online verification of the execution of the contracted non-ICT services and an agile detection of deviations and violation of agreed business contracts.

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