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Name Application Deployment and Management Chapter Cloud Hosting
Goal Simple deployment of user developed applications into an existing setup with existing applications without interfering with the on going operation. The deployment should not require to understand the infrastructure, where and how to deploy. Performance requirements from the application should also be manageable via configuration.
Description An appropriately developed application shall be deployable to FIWARE platform through some tool with no programming efforts and without the need to know where to deploy, on what infrastructure and on top of what middleware. While the application is running it should be possible to configure and request performance characteristics that the platform should try and meet accordingly.
Rationale A transport and logistics collaboration application is expected to grow through additions of services and offerings provided by the various stakeholders. These offerings may be developed as applications to run within FIWARE next to and in combination with the already ongoing op-erations. The actual deployment is expected to be effortless for the T&L collaboration application to be successful in allowing stakeholders a place to grow their business.

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