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Letter of intent to become a new FIWARE Lab node - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Letter of intent to become a new FIWARE Lab node

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In order to become a new FIWARE Lab node, you have to:

  • Read carefully the following guidelines.
  • (After reading) Download this pdf
  • Compile and sign it
  • Send it back to: fiware-new-nodes@lists.fiware.org

Your request will be evaluated by the FIWARE consortium that will send the authorization (if accepted) to the technical stuff to initialise the federation process.

Letter of intent to become a new FIWARE Lab node

" The FI-Core consortium herewith representing the FIWARE initiative is working towards ensuring sustainability of FIWARE Lab.
The EC firmly states it does not want that FIWARE Lab includes nodes whose operation will depend on availability of funding from the EC, in the context of the FIWARE PPP, in the long term. That is the reason why the Open Call that FIWARE recently published is targeted to organizations that will set up a commercial FIWARE service accompanying the new FIWARE Lab node. That way, in the long term, revenues from commercialization may help to sustain contribution of computing resources to the specific FIWARE Lab node.
The FIWARE Lab was initially setup by federating nodes operated by organizations about which there are now some doubts whether they would be able to sustain operations once funding is not available from the EC.
Funding of current FIWARE Lab nodes was planned till 30th September 2015 (with very few exceptions of nodes already funded under the FI-Core project) and will not longer be funded under the FIWARE PPP programme, unless they go for the Open Call in which case they have to provide clear plans about setup of a commercial FIWARE service.
As a consequence, current FIWARE Lab nodes which do not commit support until 31st December 2016 in absence of FIWARE PPP funding will be discontinued as part of the FIWARE Lab nodes federation. Interestingly, many of them have committed to keep their nodes active until that date even in the case there is no commercial service attached.
Accordingly, in the event that the node would not be operational for more than 15 days, the management of the FIWARE Lab will disconnect it without possibility to challenge the decision. The operationality of the node will be evaluated according to the automatic tests performed by the FI-Health service of the FIWARE Lab.
To be consistent with the above, we need a written commitment about sustainability of the [given name of the node] node (as it is now) until 31st December 2016 without requiring funding from the FIWARE PPP programme (this does not prevent that you submit a proposal to the Open Call seeking for funding to enlarge the node, for example, although being eligible for such funding would require that you show credible plans for the setup of a FIWARE commercial instance as you know). This way, we would then be able to activate the FIWARE Lab support team to provide assistance in the required activities to federate your node."

Statement to be signed

“To whom it may concern,
as duly representative of [name of the organisation], I [name of the person and title], agree that [name of the organisation] operates a FIWARE Lab node denominated [given name of the node] without requiring funding from the FIWARE PPP program until 31st December 2016.
I do understand that this allows to activate the FIWARE Lab support team to provide assistance to my organisation in the required activities to federate the [given name of the node].
If, for whatever reason, the organisation has to terminate the node operations this will communicated to you with and advance notice of 30 days.”
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