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Mashup Factory

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Brief description

Mashup Factory is a toolset for subject matter experts or end users to compose own services and applications. The bases of the compositions are configurable telecommunications services (e.g. SMS, conferencing), Web or media services (e.g. data storage, google geocodes and maps, web dialogs) which are provided by 3rd parties. In grafical composition style own services are composed and deployed on an appropriate orchestration engine.

Programming artifacts

A graphical editor supports the combination and configuration of the services in a data flow oriented mash-up style. This results in executable service compositions which are deployed on an execution engine (supporting BPEL Business Process Execution Language). As such it does not offer any programming interfaces or APIs for developers to extend it.

Technologies Used

The following technologies are used in this asset:

  • Apache Tomcat 6 web server
  • eXist-db (open-source native XML database)
  • mySQL database
  • BPEL4WS 1.1, (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services)
  • xForms (is the future of online forms as envisioned by the W3C)
  • Web Service Definition Language (WSDL)
  • SSL and X.509 certificates
  • Linux (Ubuntu)

Runtime pre-requisites

See Technologies used.


All rights held by Deutsche Telekom Laboratorios.

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