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Name Chapter APPS
Goal Users can compose their own services following the prosumer approach.
Description Current trends in the ICT paradigm are dealing with the concept of prosumer, in where the classical end user changes its hard consuming role to a new one in which himself can create new services that perfectly fit his requirements. These services are created using a "user friendly" application where the user can combine different logical components to create a personalizaed service or application.
Rationale Beyond the state-of-the-art initiative to create a prosumer environment in an open environment.Using a personal device, the user should be able to define their one service or to adapt existing services to their own requirements.

The service environment will be able to adapt service and service components to the context. Those user-generated services should be able to use specific user data and generic data. The data should be identified according the user context and should flow to the user service adapted to the service, the equipment and the user.

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