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Appliance Delivery
Number of machines 1
Virtual (Y/N) Yes
Virtual machine container name (Name or N.A.)  
Guest Architecture (X86, X86_64, ...)  
Number of CPUs 1
RAM (Min and Max)  
File system sizes and storage requirements  
Guest OS Linux
Network specification
List of open network ports and protocols (80/HTTP, 443/HTTPS, 22/SSH, 21/FTP, ...)  
Expected depending available internet services (e.g. DNS, Mail, NTP, ...)  
Specific firewall requirements (explicitly open or closed ports INPUT/OUTPUT)  
Specific routing requirements (default routes and specific routes to other GEs)  
Software as a service delivery
Hostname, port and protocol to reach the software provided as a service  
User/password (if any for integration testing)  
Software delivery
Programming Language Interpreter (Java, ...)  
Depending software services (J2EE server, tomcat, webserver, ...) Required
Workflow Engine: BPEL Orchestration  
Workflow Engine: BPMN  
DB Server  
WEB Development Framework  
RDF/S Repository  
Process Editor  
Development Platform  
Documentation Management Tool  
RDF or SPAR Query Language  
Natural Language Analyzer  
Virtualisation Software  
Android Emulator  
RFID Reader Emulator  
Other Emulator  
Depending hardware requirements (if any)  
Specific hardware dependencies (# USB ports, ...)  
Depending system requirements (architecture, OS, # of CPU, RAM, ...)  
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