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Visualization Framework

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Brief Description

The Visualisation Framework offers a visualisation service that allows users to visualise data from multiple network components, e.g. IDS, network probes. The user accesses the visualisation service through a standard web-browser connected to the web-application server using some network connection (such as the Internet). The user will experience a single integrated application showing multiple visualisations. Behind the scenes, the browser will compliment the information from the visualisation server with data and functionality directly from the Internet.

The visualisation service is aimed at users who want to either:

  • Monitor the health and performance of their network
  • Investigate a suspected problem
  • Investigate an automatically generated alarm
  • Understand the actions of and therefore gain confidence in automatic systems such as IDS, reaction and remediation components

For all of these actions the user will follow a similar pattern of creating, interacting with, modifying and eventually removing visualisations.

The Visualisation Framework enables the data from new components to be visualised. The component must export data in one of the supported data formats to either the framework’s messaging queue or to a database that is accessed by the visualisation server.

Programming artifacts

Methods offered to end-users

  • Add new visualisation
  • Modify visualisation
  • Remove visualisation

Methods offered to administrators

  • Add new data source (supported data format)

Adding a new data source that does not use the supported data formats is not currently offered as a service. Adding new visualisations that do not use the supported data formats is also not currently offered as a service. Both of these require updates to the software, as the data formats are hard-coded.

Technologies Used

The following technologies are used in the repository asset

  • Java EE
  • Spring Framework
  • Apache Tomcat. The web applications are deployed in a Tomcat container.
  • Apache ActiveMQ
  • Apache Derby
  • Apache Camel
  • JAXB
  • Hibernate

The following technologies are used to implement the visualisations:

  • Google Charts
  • Google Visualization
  • Script.aculo.us
  • Prototype.js

Runtime Pre-requisites

The Visualisation Framework is specified to retrieve data from Java Messaging Service (JMS) queues.


There are no patents relating to this asset. However, it is the property of Thales UK. The product will be licensed under FRAND (Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) terms according to the pre-requisites of the FI-PPP program.

Publicly available documentation

  • FP7 INTERSECTION project (http://www.intersection-project.eu/). The main reference report for this asset is D3.2 Final Security Framework Architecture and Tool Interaction Specification.
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