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Name Store and Management of Apps for smart grid devices Chapter Apps, IoT
Goal When new devices (e.g. DER, Network Smart Devices) or sub-systems (e.g. Home/Building Energy Management Systems) are installed in or at the edge of a Smart Grid (e.g. a Microgrid) they automatically configure themselve (also frequently denoted as Plug&Play). This theme consists of different requirements w.r.t. addressing, device description, discovery, registration and lock-up as well as secure and trusted access.
Description The app store does not only provide the possibility to "buy" new apps, but also a method deploy these Apps on a bunch of gadgets and therewith funcationally administer the devices. Different players would have own accounts for their profile and therefore can only "reconfigure" the functionality of their devices (high security requirements!).
Rationale Decreases costs of managing many different applications on different devices.
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