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FIWARE Forge: FI-WARE Exploitation: Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
antonio cimmino Contact acimmino2

Antonio Fuentes Contact afuentes

Anja Lehmann Contact alehmann

Peter Amon Contact amon

Andrea Rossi Contact andrearossi

Andreas Hutter Contact andreashutter

andrea simeoni Contact andreasimeoni84

Antonio García-Vázquez Contact antgarciav

Laurent ARTUSIO Contact artusio

Axel Fasse Contact axelfasse

Pascal Bisson Contact bisson

Bettina Lehmann Contact blehmann

Boris Moltchanov Contact boris

Tanguy Bourgault Contact bourgat

Calin Curescu Contact calin

Jose Maria Fuentes Lopez Contact cfuentes

Pierre CHATEL Contact chatelp

Carmen Perea Contact cperea

Hans Joachim Einsiedler Contact einsiedler

Estanislao Fernández Contact emfgc

Henrik Abramowicz Contact eraheab

Esa Posio Contact erauspoika

Erno Kuusela Contact erno

Ernö Kovacs Contact ernoekovacs

Francesco Di Cerbo Contact fdicerbo

Fermín Galán Contact fermin

Olivier Festor Contact festor

The FI-WARE wiki bot Contact fiware-bot

Franck Le Gall Contact flegall

Fernando Lopez Aguilar Contact flopez

Franz-Stefan Preiss Contact frp

luca giacomello Contact giacomello

Gianmario Bollano Contact gianbo

Gian Piero Fici Contact gianpiero

Alex Glikson Contact glikson

Kay Haensge Contact haensgekay

Markus Heller Contact heller

Henar Muñoz Contact henar

Henk HEIJNEN Contact hheijnen

Horst Stein Contact horststein

Jaime Martin Losa Contact jaimemartin

Jan Höller Contact janholler

Juanjo Hierro Contact jhierro

Jose Jimenez Contact jimenez

John Kennedy Contact jkennedyie

John Kennedy Contact jmk

Jonne Nauha Contact jonnenauha

Javier Soriano Contact jsoriano

Juan Bareño Contact juanbareno

Jozsef Varga Contact jvarga

. . Contact klein

Klaus Wuenstel Contact kwuenstel

Marcus Laumer Contact laumer

pascal Le Guyadec Contact leguyadecp

Torsten Leidig Contact leidig

Lindsay Frost Contact lindsayfrost

Christof Marti Contact mach

Marco Ughetti Contact marcoughetti

Marika Stålnacke Contact marika

Martin Bauer Contact mbauer

Miguel Carrillo Contact mcp

Chris Woods Contact mcwoods

Manuel Escriche Contact mev

Matteo Melideo Contact mmelideo

Nuria De Lama Contact nuria_delama

Michael Osborne Contact ozzyatwork

Pierangelo Garino Contact p-garino

Pieter Van Der Linden Contact pietervander

Philippe Leleu Contact pleleu

Carlos Ralli Ucendo Contact ralli

Rafael Fernández Contact rfernandez

Richard Egan Contact richardegan

Thomas Riegel Contact riegel

sabrina guerra Contact sabrina

philippe Schaeffer Contact schaeffer

Robert Seidl Contact seidl

Sergio Garcia Gomez Contact sergg

Susana Gonzalez-Zarzosa Contact sgonzalez

Slim Trabelsi Contact slimtrabelsi

Philipp Slusallek Contact slusallek0

Stefano De Panfilis Contact stefano

Wolfgang Steigerwald Contact steigerwald

Suzanne Erez Contact suzanne

Tali Yatzkar Haham Contact tali

Tarek Elsaleh Contact telsaleh

Thierry Nagellen Contact thierry

Thomas Banniza Contact thomas_banniza

Thorsten Sandfuchs Contact ths

TID FIWARE Developer Contact tiddeveloper

Tobias Jacobs Contact tjacobs

Thomas Michael Bohnert Contact tmbohnert

Tomas Pariente Contact tpariente

Uwe Riss Contact uvriss

Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila Contact vatjjar

Yaron Wolfsthal Contact yaron

Jesús Gorroñogoitia Cruz Contact yosu

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