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FIWARE Forge: FI-WARE PPP Restricted: Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Álvaro Arranz Contact aarranz

Alia Bellabas Contact abellaba

antonio cimmino Contact acimmino2

Antonio Fernández Alonso Contact afa

Antonio Fuentes Contact afuentes

Andreas Grothe Contact agrothe


Albert Sinfreu Contact alberts

Anja Lehmann Contact alehmann

Pedro Luis Chas Alonso Contact alonsoval

Aitor Magán Contact amagan

Alessandro Maria Martellone Contact amartellone

Peter Amon Contact amon

aneel rahim Contact aneel

Toni Alatalo Contact antont

Alessandro Portosa Contact aportosa

Ari Okkonen Contact ariokkon

Antonio Robres Turon Contact arobres

Laurent ARTUSIO Contact artusio

Antonio Tapiador Contact atd

Aurelio Jimenez Contact aureliojimenez

Arian Zwegers Contact azwegers

Denis Baudinot Contact badi

maria bermudez Contact bermudez

Boni García Contact bgarcia

Benjamin Hebgen Contact bhebgen

Anthony Biga Contact biga

Pascal Bisson Contact bisson

Tid Developer2 Contact b_ljbm

Boris Moltchanov Contact boris

Tanguy Bourgault Contact bourgat

Carlos Romero Contact brox

Calin Curescu Contact calin

Carolina Garcia Contact carolgarcia

Cyril Dangerville Contact cdangerville

Jose Maria Fuentes Lopez Contact cfuentes

Pierre CHATEL Contact chatelp

CKAN Team Open Knowledge Contact ckan-fiware

Cloud TID Contact cloudtid

Davide Colombatto Contact colombatto

Clara Pezuela Contact cpezuela

Camille Reynders Contact creynders

Claudio Venezia Contact cvenezia

Cvetan Stefanovski Contact cvetan

Daniel Scheibli Contact daniel

David Breitgand Contact david_breitgand

Davide Dalle Carbonare Contact davide

David Guillen Jimenez Contact david_guillen

Denis Butin Contact denisbutin

Secondo Gallo Contact dinogallo

Dino Olivo Contact dinoolivo

Daniel Kovacs Contact dko

Dmitri Rubinstein Contact dmrub

Daniel Nehls Contact dnehls

Dominic Greenwood Contact dominic

Daniele Pizzolli Contact dpizzolli

Oliver Keller Contact drolke01

Enrique de Andrés Contact eas

Enrique Barra Arias Contact ebarra

Tid Developer Contact e_cloud10

Efrat Shalom-Hillman Contact efratsh

Eduardo Fullea Contact efullea

Hans Joachim Einsiedler Contact einsiedler

Elisa Herrmann Contact elisaherrmann

Estanislao Fernández Contact emfgc

Henrik Abramowicz Contact eraheab

Esa Posio Contact erauspoika

Erez Hadad Contact erezh

Eliot Salant Contact esalant

Ezra Silvera Contact ezrasilvera

Fabio Giuseppe Di Benedetto Contact fabiogdb

FABRIZIO VERROCA Contact fabrizioverroca

Federico Cimorelli Contact fcimorelli

Flavio Cirillo Contact fcirillo

Francisco de la Vega Contact fdelavega

Francesco Di Cerbo Contact fdicerbo

Fermín Galán Contact fermin

Olivier Festor Contact festor

Federico Michele Facca Contact ffacca

Julian Krenge FINESCE Contact finesce_jkrenge

Mads Groenfeldt Contact finesce_madsg

Mikael Guldborg FINESCE Contact finesce_mikaelg

Manuel Munoz Contact finesce_mmun

Padraic McKeever Contact finesce_pmck

Pasquale Andriani Contact finesce_wp4_pan

Aggelos Groumas Fispace Contact fispace_groumas

Ozgur Sonmezer fispace Contact fispace_ozgurs

Stefano Nunziata FISTAR Contact fistar_cup2000

Philippe Cousin FISTAR Contact fistar_egm

Andres Kull FISTAR Contact fistar_elv

Paolo Zampognaro FISTAR Contact fistar_eng

Tomasz Springer FISTAR Contact fistar_itti

Patricia Casla Contact fistar_tekniker

Catalin Chera FISTAR Contact fistar_umfcd

Urban Sedlar FISTAR Contact fistar_uni-lj

Niklas Andersson FISTAR Contact fistar_unn

amar fi-ware Contact fi-ware_amar

The FI-WARE wiki bot Contact fiware-bot

Fiware Tmetsch Contact fiware_tmetsch

Pablo Fernández Contact fiwareulpgc

Javier Lopez Contact fjlopez

Franck Le Gall Contact flegall

Fernando Lopez Aguilar Contact flopez

Fabio Luciano Mondin Contact fmondin

Fano Ramparany Contact framparany

Monica Franceschini Contact francesm

Francisco Romero Contact frb

Franz-Stefan Preiss Contact frp

Stefan Gessler Contact gessler

Gianmario Bollano Contact gianbo

Guillermo Jimenez Contact gjimenez

Alex Glikson Contact glikson

Gilles Privat Contact gprivat

Gonzalo Rodriguez Canosa Contact grcanosa

Giovanni Toffetti Contact gtoffetti

Germán Toro del Valle Contact gtorodelvalle

Gülden Yilmaz Contact gyilmaz

Kay Haensge Contact haensgekay

Hanno Hildmann Contact hanno

Hao Wei Contact haowei

Markus Heller Contact heller

Henar Muñoz Contact henar

Henk HEIJNEN Contact hheijnen

Lutz Schubert Contact hpclutz

Ivan Arias Contact iariasleon

ilknur Chulani Contact ichulani

Federico Facca Contact infinity_fede

IDAS developer Iot Contact iot_idasdev

Irena Trajkovska Contact irena

Irena Pavlova Contact irena_pavlova

Jaime Martin Losa Contact jaimemartin

Javier Lucio Contact javierlucio

Javier Garcia Contact javigarcia

Jose Antonio Santos Cadenas Contact jcaden

Javier de Pedro Contact jdps

Jesus Perez Contact jesuspg

Juanjo Hierro Contact jhierro

Javier Hitado Contact jhitado

Cyber Lightning Contact jhyvarinen

Daniel Menchaca Contact jig

Jose Jimenez Contact jimenez

John Kennedy Contact jkennedyie

Jose Manuel Cantera Fonseca Contact jmcantera

John Kennedy Contact jmk

Joel Nider Contact joeln

Jonne Väisänen Contact joosua

Javier Soriano Contact jsoriano

Juan Bareño Contact juanbareno

Jozsef Varga Contact jvarga

koen casier Contact kcasier

Andreas Klein Contact klein

Kenneth Nagin Contact knagin

Ken Zangelin Contact kzangeli

Lassaad Cheikhrouhou Contact lassaad

Marcus Laumer Contact laumer

laura pucci Contact laura

Lionel Besson Contact lbesson

Lorenzo Cantelmi Contact lcantelm

Torsten Leidig Contact leidig

Lucie Gaspard Contact lgaspard

Liran Schour Contact lirans

Lorenzo Musto Contact lnzmst

Lorant Nemeth Contact lornemet

Luis Muñoz Contact luismunoz

Christof Marti Contact mach

Carsten Magerkurth Contact magerkurth

Marcel Zalmanovici Contact marcel

Marco Ughetti Contact marcoughetti

Marius Corici Contact marius_corici

Mauro Isaja Contact mauroisaja

Martin Bauer Contact mbauer

Miguel Carrillo Contact mcp

Chris Woods Contact mcwoods

Elena Cruz Contact mecm

Kalman Meth Contact meth

Manuel Escriche Contact mev

Mathieu Hutschemaekers Contact mhutsche

Micael Gallego Contact micaelgallego

Mario Lopez-Ramos Contact mlopez

Matteo Melideo Contact mmelideo

Marcos Reyes Ureña Contact mru

Man-Sze Li Contact msli

Nines Tejado Contact nines

Nuria De Lama Contact nuria_delama

Olivier BETTAN Contact obettan

TID Orion Developer Contact oriondev

Oshrit Feder Contact oshritf

Michael Osborne Contact ozzyatwork

Patxi Gortázar Contact patxigortazar

Pablo Honrubia Contact paulus

Pierangelo Garino Contact p-garino

Philippe Rodier Contact philtherod

Pablo Rodríguez Archilla Contact pra

Joaquín Iranzo Contact qiranzo

Rafael Lara Contact rafaellara

Carlos Ralli Ucendo Contact ralli

Ragnar Bergstrom Contact rbergstrom

Rodrigo Diaz Contact rdiaz

Renaud Di Francesco Contact renaud_df

Richard Egan Contact richardegan

Ricardo González Contact richiware

Thomas Riegel Contact riegel

joel riga Contact riga

Riwal Kerherve Contact rkerherve

Miryam Villegas Contact s287526

sabrina guerra Contact sabrina

Sadek Jbara Contact sadek

Ayalew Kassahun Contact saf_ayalew

Javier García SmartAgriFood Contact saf_jgarcia

Markku Koistinen SmartAgriFood Contact saf_koistinen

Tim Sadowski Contact saf_sadowski

Tim Verwaart SmartAgriFood Contact saf_verwaart

Vasileios Sarris SmartAgriFood Contact saf_vsarris

Sami Jylkkä Contact sami_jylkk

robert sarrazin Contact sarrazin

Simon Bécot Contact sbecot

Stephan Bunse Contact sbunse

Sensors SafeCity Contact sc_sensors

Robert Seidl Contact seidl

Sergio Garcia Gomez Contact sergg

Sergio Rolando Contact serrol

Susana Gonzalez-Zarzosa Contact sgonzalez

Stephan Haller Contact shaller

Silvio Cretti Contact silviocretti

Céline SIMON Contact simon

Sergio Jarne Contact sjarne

Slim Trabelsi Contact slimtrabelsi

Salvatore Longo Contact slongo

Philipp Slusallek Contact slusallek0

Santiago Martinez Garcia Contact smg

wafa soubra Contact soubra

Sarah Pennington Contact spennington

Sandro Rodriguez Garzon Contact srodriguez

Stefano De Panfilis Contact stefano

Sebastian Wahle Contact swahle

Tali Yatzkar Haham Contact tali

Thierry Tapie Contact tapieth

Tarek Elsaleh Contact telsaleh

Thierry Nagellen Contact thierry

Matthias Thoma Contact thoma

Thomas Banniza Contact thomas_banniza

Thorsten Sandfuchs Contact ths

TID Apps Developer Contact tidappsdev

TID FIWARE Developer Contact tiddeveloper

Tobias Jacobs Contact tjacobs

Thomas Michael Bohnert Contact tmbohnert

Toni Dahl Contact tonidahl

Torsten Spieldenner Contact tospie

Paolo Zampognaro Contact travis

Stelios Sotiriadis FISTAR Contact tsi

Tom Pfeifer FISTAR Contact tub

Uri Shani Contact urishani

Uwe Riss Contact uvriss

Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila Contact vatjjar

Vanessa Vanhumbeeck Contact vvanhumbeeck

xavier aghina Contact xaza6216

Anthony Balan Contact xifi_abalan

Eamonn Power xifi Contact xifi_epower

Giuseppe Cossu Contact xifi_gcossu

Joe Tynan XIFI Contact xifi_joetynan

Riwal Kerherve Contact xifi_rkerherve

Sergio Morant Contact xifi_smorant

Thomas Guenther Contact xifi-tguenther

Jesús Gorroñogoitia Cruz Contact yosu

Yuri Blankenstein Contact yuri

Davide Zerbetto Contact zerbetto

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